The Membership Services Contact is the principal sales contact for each Club. The Membership Services Contact works to ensure that premium subscription sales are made with all new Club members and that these transactions are managed efficiently. The Membership Services Checklist is meant to help make this straightforward.

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It has been and continues to be our goal to make MYfitCODE the best technology for helping your member’s achieve their best possible health throughout their life. To help you promote MYfitCODE to your existing and new members, we’ve created an extensive collection of promotional materials. These include:


All of these resources are available FREE of charge to all Club Partners.

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Additionally, if you need MYfitCODE logos or have branding inquiries for other print or digital goals.  Please let us know.

Accurate and timely member management is the key to member success using MYfitCODE.
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Each Club can access up to the minute statistics for its members. Member reporting includes:

  1. How many members have downloaded and registered in MYfitCODE
  2. How many are currently PREMIUM subscribers
  3. How many members are using the FREE version
  4. How many members are participating in the FREE TRIAL period
  5. How many Club staff members have FREE PREMIUM subscriptions.

In the coming months, several other reports will be coming to the Club Reporting section.
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