Equipment Survey

The Club Admin System is used for the Equipment Survey. You must have an ADMIN log in for your Club to access these resources. Contact Meghan or Nick if you have questions or problems. NOTE: WE RECOMMEND USING EITHER THE GOOGLE CHROME OR APPLE SAFARI BROWSERS FOR THE CLUB ADMIN.


Thank you for taking the time to on board your Club’s equipment. This is an essential part of the MYfitCODE App’s workout generation process and is necessary to ensure that your members’ fitness plans and workouts recommend only the exercises and equipment that is available to them at your Health Club.

To login, simply select MANAGE EQUIPMENT from the PARTNERS ONLY RESOURCES menu at (NOTE for Firefox users, copy and paste the following direct link into your browser to access the Club Admin login screen.)

Once you see the Club Admin login screen, type the Username and Password that we provided via email. If you don’t that have email or have misplaced the login information, contact us at to receive new credentials.

After logging in, click on “Click Here” in the Club On Boarding column on the right side of the admin screen. Now you are ready to get started identifying your equipment!

  • Your Club’s equipment is separated into 5 separate categories to simplify the equipment identification process. The categories are; Cable, Cardio, Functional (free range), Plate Loaded and Selectorized.
  • Every time you select a piece of equipment you are “turning on” all of the exercises that can be supported by that equipment. Therefore, as you scroll through the list, simply select any equipment you have in the Club. Some equipment may seem redundant and if you see the same (or very similar) equipment twice make sure you select it both times. Example: The system displays a “Body Weight Station,” includes dip bars and a pull up bar and you select it. Later the system displays a separate pull up bar and you want to select this as well if you have both. Selecting all types and variations of equipment ensures your members get the broadest possible selection of exercises in their workouts.
  • Equipment names vary widely and there are often many names for the same equipment. If our system has a name for a piece of equipment that’s different from what you call it but the image matches your equipment, make sure you select it.
  • Our images may not match the exact piece of equipment in your Club. Our system displays images that we have found are the most generally recognizable examples. For cardio and selectorized equipment, select the equipment and also select the brand for your equipment. Selecting a brand for cardio and selectorized equipment helps us display the correct equipment image for your members.
  • Make sure you carefully read the NAME of the equipment (because it is a precise description of the equipment.) Example: The Bent Over Leg Curl is NOT a Flat Lying Leg Curl. Sometimes the images don’t fully capture all the needed details of the equipment.
  • For cardio and selectorized equipment only, if you have the type of equipment that is displayed but don’t see your brand of equipment select the equipment but don’t select a brand. The app will then use an image that is representative of the equipment. If this happens, email us with your brand and we’ll make every effort to add your specific brand and equipment to our system.
  • MYfitCODE has recently partnered with some clubs that specialize in the sport of powerlifting. However, if you are not a powerlifting club you can safely ignore all equipment with names that begin with “Powerlifting,” (even if you do have the displayed equipment).
  • After you finish selecting each type of equipment (cable, cardio, functional, plate loaded and selectorized), take a quick walk through each area of your Club and make sure you didn’t miss any equipment. Example: After completing the “Cardio” section, take a moment to see if you have any cardio machines in your Club that our system didn’t include. We want to fully support all the capabilities of your club. Email us with the name and brand of any additional equipment you have that our system didn’t include. We will ensure this equipment is added to our system.
  • When selecting a piece of equipment, make sure the equipment is accessible to all members. Some equipment may be housed in certain sections of your club that are not available to all members with a standard membership. Example: If you have TRX bands but they are located in the personal trainer space then don’t select this equipment. This way the App will recommend only equipment that all members can access.


  • Cable equipment – the primary exercise motion is based on a pin loaded weight stack attached to simple pulleys and cables with accessories like handles or bars
  • Iso – each handle or side of the equipment is “isolated” and moves independently
  • Feet fixed – the equipment does not allow the feet to move during each repetition
  • Feet move – the equipment allows the feet to move in conjunction with the machine
  • Functional – simple equipment such as dumbbells, mats, and balls that allow a free range of motion
  • Plate loaded – the equipment uses standard plates as the resistance weight
  • Selectorized – resistance is typically supplied by a pin loaded stack and the equipment is designed to enforce good form when standing, seated or prone

Thank you and Good Luck! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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